Why mirror neurons do not exist

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Neurons are not associated one-on-one with a specific function. There is no such thing as a mirror neuron or the mirror system, just as there is no Jennifer Aniston neuron or neurons for a particular emotion or a particular movement. Just as a swallow in a flock is not a “flock swallow”, a neuron which is involved in seeing somebody else perform one of our actions is not a mirror neuron.

Letters and messages, neurons and thoughts

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Is a thought simply the sum total of the activity of all the neurons in the brain? No, just as a message is not simply the placement of a sequence of letters which follow the rules of grammar. How do those letters stand in relation to that message? How does the activity of neurons stand in relation to a thought? Was Descartes right, or are we our brain?

Who directs the brain?

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Wie bestuurt de hersenen? | Peter Moleman

Our brain controls everything we do and think and what happens in our body. Who directs these complicated brains? “I” do? No, there is no central power or police force, no editor, prime minister or CEO, no leader. The brain controls all without a director.

How does fMRI work?

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Hoe werkt fMRI? | Peter Moleman

fMRI ( functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is the star of the neurosciences. Research using fMRI scans provides steadily increasing amounts of information about the functioning of our brain. However, a lot of articles appear in the media with far-fetched conclusions.

Recognising faces

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Gezichten herkennen | Peter Moleman

You walk down a street and nearly bump into someone; you look at their face and in a fraction of a second you know who it is. It does not really matter if you see them in profile or full face. And one can do this with thousands of faces; a clever trick of our brains. How do we recognise faces?