How does fMRI work?

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Hoe werkt fMRI? | Peter Moleman

fMRI ( functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is the star of the neurosciences. Research using fMRI scans provides steadily increasing amounts of information about the functioning of our brain. However, a lot of articles appear in the media with far-fetched conclusions.

Remembering an event changes your memory

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Herinneren van een gebeurtenis verandert je geheugen | Peter Moleman

Sometimes our memory is compared with the hard disc of a computer where data is stored, or a filing cabinet. But that is not the way our memory works. How does the act of recall actually work? And what is the role of the hippocampus? And how do false confessions come into existence?

Can you smell it too?

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Ruik jij wat ik ruik? | Peter Moleman

Our olfactory organ is quite exceptional. What you are capable of smelling can change within a few months as a result of changes within your nose. And a smell apparent to one person may be completely undetectable to another.

Pain is always in your head

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If you cut your finger the pain appears to originate at the site of the wound. But that is misguided. Pain is an emotion that is generated in the brain itself. Pain is always in your head.