Letters and messages, neurons and thoughts

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Is a thought simply the sum total of the activity of all the neurons in the brain? No, just as a message is not simply the placement of a sequence of letters which follow the rules of grammar. How do those letters stand in relation to that message? How does the activity of neurons stand in relation to a thought? Was Descartes right, or are we our brain?

Let the sunshine in

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Het zonlicht komt van boven | Peter Moleman

How would we manage, if we could not visualise three-dimensional objects from flat two-dimensional diagrams? An amazing feat our brain performs. What role does pre-determined programming play in this? That is related to how the sun shines on us.

Hallucinations: seeing what you expect

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Verbazingwekkend en paradoxaal | Peter Moleman

Someone who is hallucinating will see things, whole scenes and events which are not actually there, and experience them as real.How can this be? Because you see what you expect, unless it is corrected by your perceptions. Which is where things can go wrong.

Driving and memory

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Het autorij-geheugen | Peter Moleman

When you drive a car, you have to execute several actions at the same time, and also pay attention to traffic. For this to take place, most of your actions are performed automatically. These are laid down in a separate memory in a specific part of the brain: the corpus striatum.

Who directs the brain?

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Wie bestuurt de hersenen? | Peter Moleman

Our brain controls everything we do and think and what happens in our body. Who directs these complicated brains? “I” do? No, there is no central power or police force, no editor, prime minister or CEO, no leader. The brain controls all without a director.