Who’s a believer? I am!

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Do neurons contain thoughts? Great minds explain how the brain works. I do not entirely understand their explanations, but I believe them. There are things every scientist believes, and that is of value. But there is also a danger in believing, in science as in spiritual affairs.

Obesity is 60% heritable. And this means …

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The mass media report percentages of heritability. for various conditions. For instance autism is 90% heritable, height 80%, BMI 60%, musical aptitude 50%, depression 40%, breast cancer 30%. But these percentages are of no use to you, because they only apply to the population investigated, not in general. And they vary immensely between populations. Telling someone that their trait or illness has a specific heritability percentage is wrong.

Can you inherit homosexuality?

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Translated by Rumia Bose I can still remember the commotion which arose in 1990 when Dutch neuroscientist Dick Swaab published an article saying that homosexual men had an area in their hypothalamus which was twice the size of the same area in heterosexual men. Many found the idea – that homosexuality might have a biological basis – quite alarming! At … Read More

Why mirror neurons do not exist

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Neurons are not associated one-on-one with a specific function. There is no such thing as a mirror neuron or the mirror system, just as there is no Jennifer Aniston neuron or neurons for a particular emotion or a particular movement. Just as a swallow in a flock is not a “flock swallow”, a neuron which is involved in seeing somebody else perform one of our actions is not a mirror neuron.